Richard Lorber's fledgling label Alive Mind has acquired all North American rights to Antonio Ferrera and Albert Maysles' documentary The Gates.

Alive Mind will open The Gates theatrically in New York in spring before a limited nationwide roll-out. The film will also be immediately available to educational institutions.

The Maysles began filming The Gates in 1979. It chronicles the efforts by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to get approval from the city of New York for their Central Park installation, The Gates. It was eventually approved in 2003.

'The release of this extraordinary new film about the epic journey of Christo and Jeanne-Claude creates the opportunity for all Americans to experience the transformation of New York City by two of the world's greatest living artists,' Lorber said. 'This remarkable adventure was chronicled from its inception 30 years ago by the world renowned Maysles brothers and masterfully brought to fruition by Antonio Ferrera.'

'We are delighted that through our film Christo and Jeanne-Claude's visionary achievement will find new appreciation long after The Gates have come down,' Albert Maysles said. 'We look forward to working with Richard and his Alive Mind team to keep the story of the long march to Central Park alive.'

Lorber and Elizabeth Sheldon brokered the deal on behalf of Lorber HT Digital with Antonio Ferrera and Patricia Jones on behalf of Maysles Films, CVJ Corporatio and Ferrera Films.

Alive Mind releases documentary programming in the areas of enlightened consciousness and cultural transformation and was launched by Lorber as a specialty distribution arm of his new company Lorber HT Digital.

Current releases include the documentary Hair: Let The Sun Shine In, Protagonist, and FlicKeR.