George Lucas has been named guest director at the 2006 Los AngelesFilm Festival, which runs in from Jun 22 to Jul 2.

In this capacity Lucas will create a sidebar programme of filmsthat have inspired his work and will play host to the festival retreat at hisSkywalker Ranch in Marin County, North California.

Lucas graduated from USC's School of Cinematic Arts beforeembarking on his legendary filmmaking career, which has spawned such titles as THX1138, American Graffitiand the Star Warsfranchise.

He founded the American Zoetrope studio with his friend FrancisFord Coppola in 1969, and went on to launch production company Lucasfilm,effects house Industrial Light & Magic and digital sound technology studioSkywalker Sound.

Lucas received the Irving G Thalberg award for lifetimeachievement in 1992 from the board of governors of the Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences, serves as chairman and founder of The George LucasEducational Foundation, and currently sits on the USC School ofCinema-Television's board of councillors.

The Los Angeles Film Festival screening schedules and programminginformation will be announced on Jun 1.