Luke G-Jones, the former head of co-production and finance at New Films International, has launched an innovative 'carbon credit' scheme for film production via his LA-based Cool Hand International.

Cool Hand, says G-Jones, is a carbon-neutral company and any film in which he gets involved will be a carbon-neutral production. The Cool Hand International Energy Fund will issue Cool Hand energy credits to productions which will be banked and monetized back to film-makers when they are sold to large companies which could accrue tax benefits from them.

G-Jones is also involved as producer or executive producer on a slate of projects. The projects are Mermaids Singing to star Jessica Lange and Neve Campbell; American Boy Choir with producer Carol Baum; Surviving Evil with the UK's Focus Films to star Natalie Mendoza; and a new film version of The Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 with Fortress Films.