Ang Lee's Lust, Caution had a record-breaking opening in Hong Kong and Taiwan on September 25, which was also the date of this year's mid-autumn festival public holiday.

In Taiwan, the Venice Golden Lion winner grossed $1.07m (NT35m) in two days. It claimed the biggest mid-autumn holiday single day record, and also the biggest September Tuesday record. Buena Vista International handled the Taiwan release.

In Hong Kong, where Edko Films handled distribution, the film has grossed $474,359 (HK$3.7m) which is an all-time high opening day record for September.

The film, which has had local internet chat rooms buzzing for weeks due to its sex scenes, was released uncut in both territories. In Hong Kong it was given a Category III rating, meaning that viewers younger than 18 are barred, and the equivalent of an NC17 rating in Taiwan.

An edited version of the film will open in China at the end of October. Lee oversaw the edit himself and it's understood that about 30 minutes has been cut from the film.