FoxInternational's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) cut a swathe through Asia at theweekend with a several number one bows, the highlight of which was an excellent$2.6m in South Korea.

The Korean takeon 140 screens was Fox's fourth biggest bow ever in the territory andcontributed to the bulk of the film's $3.7m weekend haul. Still in theearly stages of its international roll-out, LXG has grossed $3.8m.

In ThePhilippines it took $475,000 from 107 screens, while Singapore produced$563,000 from 44.

Down WithLove opened number twoin Australia, grossing $579,000 from 172. It grossed $67,000 from 49 inThailand for a $951,000 cumulative score.

LegallyBlonde 2: Red, White & Blonde grossed $1.3m at the weekend and raised its running total to$16.1m, while Phone Booth added $2m from all territories for a $35.8m total.

28 Days Later opened fourth in Mexico on $484,000 from 150. Thatfilm's current international total is $27m and Fox said it recorded thehighest per-screen average of any film in the territory.