German sales agent pickes up features by von Praunheim, Navia

Berlin-based sales agent m-appeal has picked up Rosa von Praunheim’s (pictured) New York Memories ahead of its world premiere in Berline’s Panorama next month.

New York Memories, his 64th film, follows up his most successful film, Survival In New York, which followed three German woman moving to the city during the 1980s. This latest instalment returns to the women to see how they have fared in the meantime.

M-Appeal has also picked up Oscar Ruiz Navia’s feature length debut Crab Trap, a Colombia-set drama about a young man trying to escape his past. It will have its European premiere in the Forum. Navia had previously been in Berlin in 2007 as a participant in the Berlinale Talent Campus.

The company will also host the market premiere of another new acquisition, Julia Solomonoff’s coming of age tale The Last Summer Of The Boyita, which was executive produced by Agustin and Pedro Almodovar.