Sales agent M-Line Distribution has picked up international sales rights to top Korean box office hits Scandal Makers (a.k.a. Overspeed Scandal) and A Frozen Flower.

Scandal Makers has been an unexpected hit comedy starring Cha Tae-hyun (My Sassy Girl) as a former pop star confronted by not one, but two generations claiming to be his progeny.

It has grossed $30.5m since its release on December 4.

A Frozen Flower, directed by Yu Ha (A Dirty Carnival), is a period costume drama featuring a love triangle between a king played by Joo Jin-mo (200 Pounds Beauty), his male bodyguard and lover played by Zo In-sung (A Dirty Carnival), and his queen played by Song Ji-hyo (Sex Is Zero 2).

A Frozen Flower has clocked up $15.2m since its December 30 release.

Launched in September 2008 by Michelle Son, formerly of Show East, M-Line did AFM pre-sales on foodie love triangle The Naked Kitchen (a.k.a. Kitchen) to Showgate for Japan.

M-line's upcoming EFM line-up includes the English comedy Sisterhood, directed by Richard Wellings-Thomas; Graham H. Green's English horror film The Torturer; Korean thriller Handphone starring Uhm Tae-woong; comic action film My Girlfriend Is An Agent starring Kim Ha-neul (Lovers Of 6 Years) and Kang Ji-hwan (Rough Cut), and the psychological horror filmEvil Spirit: Viy which was at Pusan.