Samy Boy Filmsis to provide prints and advertising co-financing for independent USdistributor MAC Releasing's next 10 theatrical releases, under a newfinancing deal announced by the fledgling companies today (Jan 13).

'I amhappy to be partnered with MAC. My strategy for Samy Boy Films is to team withstrong niche players, and MAC's management has great industry experienceand a solid business plan,' Samy Boy Films founder Sam Nazarian, the realestate financier and hotel developer, said in a statement. Nazarian'soutfit has already provided co-financing to Beautiful Country, Wonderland and A Midnight Summer's Rave, as well as to Idiom Films and otherventures.

'MAC is extremelyhappy to be in business with Sam Nazarian, and I am sure this is the first stepin a long profitable relationship,' MAC partner Andy Gruenberg said.Gruenberg, Mike Marcus and Craig formed MAC last year and last week announcedthat film marketing and distribution veteran Andrew Fogelson had joined thefirm as partner while Carl Hampe had been brought on as head of acquisitionsweek (Screendaily, Jan 10, 2003),. MAC has output deals with Showtime and LionsGate Entertainment.