DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa entered 2009 as the top international release and held on to the crown over the weekend courtesy of an estimated $32.2m haul through PPI that raised the tally to $340m.

Active in 6,771 sites in 60 territories, the animated sequel has now overtaken the $338m international tally of its predecessor and still has some way to go with the South Korean launch coming up on January 8.

The film scored an astonishing result in Poland, where $3.8m from a mere 82 sites set the second biggest launch ever. It debuted in China on $2.3m from 600 venues, according to preliminary reports.

Elsewhere, strong holds saw the release reclaim number one in France as $5.1m from 834 raised the tally to $39.5m. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa added $3.6m from 415 in Italy for $29.5m, $3.5m from 826 in Germany for $40m, $2.3m from 5111 in the UK for $29m, $1.4m from 2267 in Australia for $11.4m, $1.2m from 373 in Spain for $19m and $1m from 346 in Brazil for $12.2m.

Fox International reported another successful weekend for Australia as the epic adventure added $21.7m from roughly 5,000 screens in 51 for markets for $82.7m. In a string of buoyant second weekend results, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman persuaded French audiences to part with a further $3.6m from 646 for $9.5m, while German audiences spent $3.4m in tickets from 704 for $8.9m.

The film added $2.8m from 510 for $9.2m in Spain and $2.3m from 466 in the UK for $6.5m, both after two weekends, and $1.4m from 311 in the sixth weekend in Australia for $19.1m.

The Day The Earth Stood Still starring Keanu Reeves added $12m from approximately $5,900 screens in 63 markets for $128.6m, which pushes the sci-fi remake past the $200m worldwide mark. Highlights were $2.7m from 655 in Japan for second place and $19.7m after three and $1.2m from 269 in Australia for $4.3m after two. An outstanding launch in Argentine generated $755,000 in first place.

The number one North American film Marley & Me added $3m from 512 screens in six markets for an early $5.3m running total. The comedy opened third in Australia on $1.7m from 205.

Fox Brazil scored a hit as it launched the local title Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 (If I Were You 2) in first place in Brazil on $3.6m from 312 for the biggest local production opening weekend in the market.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's Bedtime Stories wasn't far behind Australia in the overseas ranking as it continued to break records for Adam Sandler, resetting the bar in all six of its new territories this weekend. Overall the family title added $21.2m from 22 territories and has reached $44m after two weekends.

The film grossed $3.7m from 600 in Mexico, $3.6m from 350 in Russia, $1.2m from 20 in Taiwan where it has already almost beaten the entire run of Sandler's comedy You Don't Mess With The Zohan, $780,000 from 44 in Malaysia and $440,000 in Thailand. These last two results have already eclipsed the entire runs of You Don't Mess With The Zohan and Click.

Holdover business accounted for $14.7m of the weekend total, led by $3m from 460 in the UK for $9m, a result that sets Bedtime Stories on course to overtake Click by midweek to become Sandler's biggest release in the UK. Elsewhere the film added $2.2m in Germany for $6.5m and $1.8m from 300 in Australia for $6.3m.

Bolt added $11.9m from 25 territories for $64m, fired up by a $2.4m South Korean launch on 125 that produced Disney's biggest animated debut, as well as $1.7m from 200 in Australia and $1.1m from 350 in Brazil. The animated film grossed $1.2m in its second weekend in China where it has only been released in 3D and stands at $3m.

Wall-E surged towards $300m as it stayed top in its last major active market of Japan, where it has ranked number one for four out of its five weeks. The film added $3.7m for $34m and with a running international total of $298m should cross $300m by Tuesday [December 6] to become Disney's tenth animated release to do so.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man added $12m from 1,800 screens in 21 territories to stand at $34m. They loved Carrey in Australia, where the film launched in first place on $3m from 257, while UK audiences responded favourably in the second weekend as the film held on to number one on $3.1m from 435 sites for $10.2m. The four Scandinavian markets added $1.4m from 180 screens to stand at $4.9m.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, released through Paramount in North America, added $2.3m from 307 screens in Australia and New Zealand for an encouraging early $6.2m running total. The drama added $2.2m from 256 in Australia.

Summit International's Twilight surged towards $100m overseas as $7.3m from 2,350 screens in 42 territories raised the tally to $95.5m. This does not include opening results from Greece.

Universal/UPI's animated release The Tale Of Despereaux added $3.4m from 1,894 sites in 17 territories for $13m, powered by a $480,000 result in the third weekend in the UK for $3.1m.

Meanwhile the drama Changeling added $2.6m from 912 in 12 for $35.6m and there are 47 territories to go over the next three months. Frost/Nixon grossed $300,000 from a limited release in 71 venues in Australia and New Zealand to drive the early tally to $750,000. Australia generated $280,000 from 59 for $705,000 and New Zealand produced $20,000 from 12 for $45,000.

Cha Cha Cha title Rudo Y Cursi added $1.1m from 413 in its third weekend in Mexico where it has become one of the highest grossing local titles in history on $6.1m. Horror title The Strangers opened in fifth place in Italy on $1.3m from 140 and has amassed $14.3m from a limited number of Universal markets.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's The Spirit grossed $2.6m from 1,025 screens in six for a $6.7m early international running total. The comic book adaptation opened in fourth or fifth place in France on 1.4m from 354 screens, claimed fourth place with its Danish debut on $170,000 from 50 and debuted in Sweden on $110,000 from 30. The film added $500,000 from 346 in Spain for $2.6m and $475,000 from 234 in Italy for $2.3m.

Like a good spy, Quantum Of Solace refuses to lie down and added $1.7m from 1,145 screens in 38 markets for a $380.4m running total. The drama Seven Pounds raised its tally by $1.1m from 225 screens in two markets for $2.9m and opened in Singapore on $205,000 from 26.

New Line International's comedy Four Christmases added $2.9m from 1,679 screens in 44 territories for $37.1m. It opened in France on $1.2m from 208 screens over five days. Fantasy adventure Inkheart raised its tally by $1.9m from 1,109 in six to just over $15m. It's taken $8.4m in Germany and $4.8m in the UK.