DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa ruled the roost overseas for the fourth straight weekend and its fifth out of the last six as an estimated $15.8m weekend haul through PPI from 6,893 sites in 61 territories raised the tally to a boisterous $366m.

The sequel launched in South Korea on $2m from 390 venues over four days and added $2m from 83 in Poland after a 40% drop for $6.7m, $1.5m from 822 in Germany after a 55% fall for $42.5m, $1.3m from 403 in Italy after a 67% fall for $33m and $1.2m from 386 in the UK following a 49% drop for $31.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's Will Smith drama Seven Pounds delivered the goods this weekend and gave the film a much needed push to the order of $13.4m from 2,025 screens in 15 markets for an early $17m running total.

It opened in first place in Italy on an excellent $5.6m from 588, roughly 16% bigger than the launch of the last Smith-Gabriele Muccino collaboration The Pursuit Of Happyness. Seven Pounds grossed $3.6m from 452 in Germany for second place, 7% ahead of The Pursuit Of Happyness, and opened in second place in Australia on $1.4m from 261.

A Mexican debut of just under $1.1m from 300 produced second place and finished 2% ahead of The Pursuit Of Happyness, while results from German-speaking Switzerland and Austria produced $410,000 from 59 for first place and a 31% gain on The Pursuit Of Happyness and $275,000 from 44 for second place and a 2% gain, respectively. The drama opened in second place in Portugal on $230,000 from 46 and took more than double the previous Smith-Muccino release.

In holdovers, Brazil generated $450,000 from 203 for fifth place on $3.6m after three weekends. The film will open this weekend in the UK, France, Russia, New Zealand and French-speaking Switzerland.

Frank Miller's comic book adaptation The Spirit added $1.1m from 735 screens in eight markets and to date has grossed a meager $8.2m. The action film ranks seventh in France after adding $515,000 from 329 in the second weekend for $1.9m and it ranks 18th in Spain after three weeks and raised the tally by $160,000 from 258 for $2.9m.

Quantum Of Solace established itself as the highest grossing James Bond release of all time in North America last weekend and is performing robustly overseas, too. The British superspy added $1m from 880 screens in 40 markets for $384m and stands a good chance of crossing $400m when it opens in Japan on January 24.

Fox International's Australia crossed $100m after adding $12.3m from approximately 4,900 screens in 57 markets to bring the tally to $103.5m. The film was top in Spain for the third consecutive weekend after grossing $1.8m from 475 following a 35% drop for $11.8m and added $1.9m from 712 in Germany for $11.7m after three.

Staying with the third weekend holdovers, the epic adventure added $1.3m from 617 in France for $11.6m and $1.2m from 429 in the UK for $8.9m in sixth place. The performance in Australia has been suitably impressive as Australia amassed $891,581 for $20.6m, becoming the second fastest film released in 2008 to cross the A$30m mark after The Dark Knight. It should overtake Mamma Mia! this week to become the second biggest title released in 2008.

The Day The Earth Stood Still earned a further $7m from roughly 4,500 screens in 44 markets for an excellent $140m. The sci-fi remake opened top in Brazil on $1.9m from 352 and added $1.4m from 609 in Japan for $22.3m and second place and stayed top for the second straight weekend in Argentina on $356,312 from 120 for $1.3m.

The comedy Bride Wars began its international run this weekend and made off with $2.9m from 433 screens in three markets. It opened in second place in the UK on $2.7m and arrives next weekend in Australia, Spain, Sweden and ten smaller markets.

Marley & Me added $2.1m from 495 screens in eight for $9.1m, led by a $1.2m holdover in the second weekend in Australia from 222 following a 28% drop for $3.9m. Brazil added $566,000 from 177 in the third weekend following a 36% drop for $3.9m.

Local title Se Eu Fosse Voce 2 (If I Were You 2) continued to dominate the market in Brazil, earning an outstanding $1.9m from 291 screens for $7.4m. The film still ranks number one following a 22% drop.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Jim Carrey comedy Yes Man soldiered on in Europe despite severe weather and earned a further $12m from approximately 2,489 screens in 35 markets for an early $50m running total.

It opened in second place in Italy on $3.1m and launched at number one in Holland on $799,000 from 88. Excluding previews. The film also delivered a pair of number one debuts in Greece and Thailand.

After two weekends the film remains strong at number one in Australia as $1.7m from 255 raised the tally to $5.9m. It also stayed top in its second weekend in Belgium on $345,000 from 60 for $1m. In the third weekend in the UK, Yes Man added $1.6m from 467 prints for $12.5m.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button took $1.6m from 368 screens in three for an early $8.7m and rolls out in most of its markets later this month and in early February. It opened in the Philippines on $276,000 from 64 in second place and added $1.2m in Australia from 248 in its third weekend for $7.8m. Next key launches and Mexico and Brazil on January 16.

Summit International's Twilight crossed $100m last week and reaped a further $11.1m over the weekend from 2,150 screens in 43 territories to raise the tally to $116m. The key result was a number one French debut that produced $5.5m.

Universal's comedy Role Models stormed to number one in the UK on $3.5m from 351 through UPI and to date has grossed $3.6m including four smaller debuts.

Milk kicked off its international run with an outstanding opening $500,000 launch in Spain from 117 venues that ranked ninth.

Cha Cha Cha title Rudo Y Cursi scored the biggest launch for a Mexican film in Argentina as $125,000 from 45 resulted in a debut that was roughly six times bigger than that Y Tu Mama Tambien and three times bigger than Amores Perros from Cha Cha Cha co-founders Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, respectively.

Rudo Y Cursi, directed by Cuaron's brother Carlos Cuaron, has crossed
100m pesos in Mexico to become the sixth biggest Mexican release of
all time there on $7.6m (102m pesos). It will overtake Y Tu Mama
Tambien's 103m mark on Monday [January 12] and the international
running total from those two Latin American markets stands at an
exceptional $7.7m.

Changeling added $2.5m from 961 sites in 21 territories for $39.6m and opened in Brazil on $315,00 from 98. The Tale Of Despereaux grossed $1.7m from 1,834 dates in 20 for $16.2m and opened in Australia and New Zealand opened on $425,000 from 192 and $40,000 from 42 dates, respectively.

Frost/Nixon grossed $150,000 from 59 venues in Australia this weekend, down 43% for a 17-day total of $950,000. New Zealand stands at $70,000 after the same amount of time, which brings the combined total to $1m. The rest of the world will roll out over the next three months.

Mandate International's Saw V has reached $46.8m from 19 territories and opens in Mexico and Brazil on January 16.