At the final reckoning, DreamWorks' Madagascar did in fact rule the roost at the weekendinternational box office second consecutive weekend, as revised results fromUIP reveal it grossed an estimated $24.6m.

The animated family title, which currently stands at more than$190m, was far ahead of Fox International's Fantastic Four which took $20.3m on the weekend.

Fantastic Four has grossed $78.4m to date while Mr And MrsSmith is at $156.3mthrough all distributors and $133m through Fox International.

Paramount's War Of The Worlds is fast approaching $300m after a $17.8mweekend haul through UIP raised its international cumulative total to $291m.

Revised figures put Warner Bros Pictures International's BatmanBegins on $150.1m, CharlieAnd The Chocolate Factory on$13.3m, The Island on$10.4m, and House Of Wax on $32.4m.

New Line International's Monster In Law opened top in Australia on $1.8m on 257screens and launched in Mexico on $729,438 on 191. Overall the picture hasgrossed $36.3m to date.

WeddingCrashers launched inthree territories at the weekend for a $12.4m international cumulative total.The highlight was a number one debut in Sweden on $191,635 on 30.