US distributionand services company Magic Lamp Releasing announced today (Dec 11) it is movinginto production with the documentary Life After War - The Sarah Chayes Story, based on American efforts to rebuildAfghanistan. Inspired by an idea from Marla Lewin Halperin, who has handled publicityand promotions on Magic Lamp's five releases, the production focuses onformer war correspondent Sarah Hayes and her involvement in an Afghanrestoration project.

'It'simportant to tell this story. Afghanistan is a country that has long been ravagedby war,' Magic Lamp president of marketing and distribution Marc Halperinsaid in a statement. 'Being able to see the rebuilding effort through theeyes and words of former NPR [National Public Radio] war correspondent SarahChayes brings a poignancy and clarity to the tremendous job that lies ahead forthese people.'

BrianKnappenberger, who was the cinematographer on Magic Lamp's Scratch, is handling writing and directingduties and Larry Hart, administrative director of the Afghanistan-America Foundation,is executive producer. Real estate investors Hartco Investments will promotethe production, which is expected to wrap in mid-January 2003.

Since Nov 2001Magic Lamp has released Maze, starring Laura Linney and Rob Morrow; Doug Pray's Scratch; Anurag Mehta's American Chair; Julie Davis' Amy'sOrgasm; and Julio Medem'sSex & Lucia.