Magnolia Pictures has launched the genre label Magnet to release 'the
wild, unquantifiable and uncompromised', kicking off with the DVD
release of Jeremy Saulnier's hipster slasher film Murder Party on Oct

The label will allow Magnolia to specialise in an area that it has
previously serviced through releases such as The Host, Severance,
, and Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior.

Magnet's slate will be comprised of productions and acquisitions and
will continue to roll out in early 2008. The first batch of titles
includes Hitoshi Matsumoto's 2007 Toronto Midnight Madness entry Big
Man Japan
, and Tony Stone's heavy metal Viking epic, Severed Ways.

Ringo Tam, Johnnie To, and Tsui Hark's action omnibus Triangle,
Olivier Assayas' Boarding Gate, and Mark Hartley's Not Quite Hollywood
round out the initial line-up.

'Some of the best, most imaginative, wild and forward-thinking cinema
in the world today is being done in the context of genre film-making,'
Magnolia President Eamonn Bowles said.

'The Magnet label will consolidate our track record with these rule-breaking films into a strong, identifiable brand.'

'It's a kick-ass position to be in when you can look to your own
company's films and know that these are the movies you'd want to buy
for your personal DVD collection,' added Tom Quinn, senior vice
president of Magnolia Pictures.

'It's been a standing question: how do we keep pushing the envelope
and find our next Ong Bak, District B13, or The Host' Launching
something that isn't your dad's genre label was the answer.'