Magnolia Home Entertainment, Truly Indie and Netfilx's RedEnvelope Entertainment are teaming up to release James Scurlock's documentary MaxedOut, which won the Special Jury Prize atSouth by Southwest this year.

Maxed Out exploresthe workings of the US credit card industry and examines the credit culture,explaining among other things the true definition of "preferredcustomer".

The film will get a Mar 9, 2007 release following anextensive grassroots tour that will be organised in conjunction with partnersincluding the Ford Foundation and the American Foundation for Fairness inLending. Scurlock's companion book of the same name will be released throughSimon & Schuster on Mar 6, 2007.

"Maxed Out doesa beautiful job of putting a human face on what has become a way of life formany in this country," Truly Indie's Kelly Sanders said. "It's aparticularly relevant documentary now. No-one is unaffected by the issues thefilm examines."

"Truly Indie is giving exposure to amazing films whilechallenging traditional distribution methods and Netflix has literallyrevolutionised the DVD business," Scurlock added.

"This film is an excellent blend of humour and dramathat lays bare the reality behind credit card debt in America," RedEnvelope Entertainment chief Bahman Naraghi added. "Maxed Out is exactly the kind of film that we are pleased tobe able to bring to a wider audience."

Magnolia's head of acquisitions Tom Quinn and head ofbusiness affairs Jason Janego negotiated the deal with Naraghi and RedEnvelope's head of acquisitions and distribution Liesl Copland. Josh Braun ofSubmarine Entertainment and Roger E Kass represented the film-maker.