Maid In Manhattan continued to clean up at the international boxoffice, grossing $8.7m over the weekend for Columbia TriStar Film DistributorsInternational (CTFDI).

The romantic comedy fromRevolution Studios was the number one international picture for the second weekin a row and has amassed just under $25m after two major weekends. No romanticcomedy held the international number one spot for one weekend in 2002.

Opening number one inFrance, Maid In Manhattan grossed$1.4m from 477 prints, which is the biggest opening of all time in theterritory for star Jennifer Lopez. The bow was also 15% higher than that of TwoWeeks Notice on Feb 19.

The picture is expected toplay well going into this week, when theatre owners will offer discountedticket prices as part of the annual Printemps De Cinema promotional drive.

There were strong number oneholdovers in second weekends in the UK, Australia, Switzerland and Austria,distinguished by low percentage drops in box office revenue. In the UK MaidIn Manhattan added $2.2m and dropped35% for $7.5m.

In Australia it added$935,000 - more than double the next best picture, which was Chicago - for a cumulative score of $3.2m after a 29% drop-off from theprevious weekend.

In Switzerland the pictureopened on an additional 14 prints in the French-speaking region on $400,000.This represented an 18% rise and the cumulative score is now $825,000 includingGerman-speaking regions.

Austria added $265,000 for$800,000, dropping only 23%.

In its second weekend inGermany, Maid In Manhattanremained in second place behind local language hit Goodbye Lenin, taking $2.1m and dropping 18% for a $5.7m runningtotal.

In Mexico the picture fellto second place behind opener Daredevil, taking $500,000 and dropping 32% for a $1.8m running total.