DMG said on Thursday [May 2] the official SARFT/CFG opening day number came to $18.7m or 117.5m RMB, which Disney said would rise to $21.5m including cinemas that have not reported. The film has crossed $300m internationally.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI), which is releasing the Marvel Studios film internationally everywhere outside China, estimated the final result including midnight screenings amounted to $21.5m accounting for those sites that were yet to report.

WDSMPI said the result broke all records for any film shown in China including: the biggest midnight screening on more than 13.4m RMB; biggest opening day box office on more than $18.7m; and biggest number of midnight screenings on more than 2,500.

Iron Man 3 in China also set new marks for the biggest number of opening day screenings on more than 33,000 and the biggest number of opening day screens on more than 6,000.

The opening day also shattered IMAX records and generated $1.8m from 101 screens.

WDSMPI added later on Thursday morning that Iron Man 3 had reached $307.7m internationally following a $65.6m Wednesday haul, where many markets were on holiday.

It is expected to overtake the $312m final international box office of Iron Man 2 on Friday [3], its ninth day of release. Iron Man 3 has already passed the final $267m international box office of Iron Man, that of Thor ($268m) and Captain America ($192m).

Latest figures reveal that South Korea has leapfrogged the UK to become the biggest market on $27.6m, followed by the UK and Mexico on $26.8m, France on $22.6m, Australia on $21.6m, China on an estimated $21.5m, Brazil on $20.4m, Italy on $14.5m and Taiwan on $11.3m.

Japan has generated $9.6m, Hong Kong $7.9m, Malaysia $7.8m, Indonesia $7.5m, India $6.8m and Spain $6.6m.