The Oscar winning actor will play a Muslim parolee released from prison into a small city bristling with Muslim-Arabic paranoia. The untitled project is scheduled to begin in 2013 and will be the final entry in Bouchareb’s English-language trilogy.

Filming is underway on the first film Just Like A Woman starring Sienna Miller and Iranian actress Golshifteh as disillusioned wives who meet after fleeing their marriages.

The second film in the trilogy, Belleville’s Cop, is set to start shooting in late summer 2012. The fish-out-of-water comedy centres on a French-Arabic police officer sent to work alongside a female counterpart in Los Angeles. Bouchareb (pictured) and Larry Gross of 48 Hours fame wrote the screenplay.

Bouchareb and partner Jean Bréhat’s American company Taghit are producing the trilogy and Charles Cohen is also on board to produce Just Like A Woman.

The Algerian filmmaker’s Outside The Law was nominated in the foreign language Oscar category this year after previous nominations for Days Of Glory and Dust Of Life. Cinema Libre will release Bouchareb’s London River in the US later this year.