The team behind Directors' Fortnight film Mallboy is now developing Orange, a love story set amid feuding families in a bustling wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Melbourne, Australia.

Vincent Giarrusso is writing, directing, and working with script editor Tony Ayres, and Fiona Eagger is producing. This time around Chris Fitchett has also joined them as executive producer.

Eagger said Orange was more funky, fun and commercial than Giarrusso's low-budget debut Mallboy but was also about love, family and loyalty. She describes it as "The Godfather meets Saturday Night Fever via Carmen Miranda".

At the core of the story are two hard-working families. The Montiglios are proud of their working class southern Italian heritage and are in control of the tomato market, while the Lancianas are proud of their aristocratic northern Italian heritage and handle the bananas. They have been at war since 1964 and are decidedly unimpressed when the apples of their eyes become amorously entangled.