Four stories of modern parenthood: a successful couple seeks to adopt, a young couple consider an abortion, a poor couple who cannot afford to raise their child, and a mother whose marriage collapses.

Production companies: U.F.O Pictures

Budget: $1m

Backers: tba

Producers: David Rauch, Monika Splichalova, Jeffrey Brown

Intl Sales: tba

Director: Alice Nellis

Screenplay: Alice Nellis

DoP: Matej Cibulka, David Calek

Production design: tba

Cast: Zuzana Bydzovska, Marta Issova, Vaclav Jiracek, Zuzana Capkova, Filip Capka

Locations: Ostrava and Prague, Czech Republic; Egypt; Dominican Republic

Shooting dates: March–August 2009

Contact: David Rauch, U.F.O. Pictures (420) 261 213 968