Universal films ruled the roost at the weekend led by an estimated $17.5m haul for Mamma Mia! from 4,296 sites in 44 territories through UPI that took the musical adaptation over $300m.

The film opened top in France on $2.4m and Belgium on $1m, as well as in French-speaking Switzerland on $300,000 and Hong Kong on $400,000. The film opened in second place in Mexico on $850,000, debuted in Brazil on $650,000 for a possible second place launch behind Blindness through Fox International.

South Korea led the holdover business with a number one hold in its second weekend on $3.4m for $9.5m. Mamma Mia! added $1.9m from 444 venues in its tenth weekend in the UK for a staggering $116m cumulative total. The musical has amassed $34.1m after nine in Germany, $16.1m after six in Spain and $28.2m after ten in Australia. There are 15 territories to go including Italy on October 3 and Japan on January 30 2009.

Wanted added $8.2m from 1,802 sites in 34 territories for $158.5m powered by a $3.4m number one launch in Spain from 367 and a $685,000 number one launch in the Netherlands from 96. The film ranks second in Germany after $1.9m from 421 raised the tally to $5.9m after two weekends and ranks number one in Austria on a $1.2m running total after the same amount of time.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor added $7.5m from 4,416 in 55 for $268.5m and overtook The Mummy to become the biggest overseas performer in the franchise. The adventure opened top in Australia on $2.8m from 241 and top in New Zealand on $315,000 from 60. China has generated $13.6m after two weekends while Japan through Toho Towa stands at $19.5m after four. The two final markets are Italy on September 26 and Greece on October 9.

Death Race grossed $4m from 600 sites in 11 territories for an early $8m tally and produced a $3.6m number one launch in Russia from 381 venues. Hellboy II: The Golden Army added $3m from 1,909 in 28 for $56.9m led by a $224,000 number one launch in Indonesia from 30 sites. The Strangers stands at $8.3m from the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

A giant $7.4m probable number one launch in Italy on 678 screens helped Sony Pictures Releasing International's Hancock add $10m from 1,540 screens in 34 markets and climb to $375.3m. Elsewhere the superhero saga added $2.2m from 456 in Japan in its third weekend to rank fourth on $20.9m. It stands at $30.7m after ten in France and ranks 22nd in France on $38.9m after 11.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan grossed $4.6m from 2,110 in 42 for $85m. The comedy launched in second place in Poland on $450,000 from 60 for a record launch for Adam Sandler and opened top in Thailand on $370,000 from 65. It opened in second place in Portugal on $225,000 from 41 and launched at the top in Chile on $100,000 from 30. Germany led holdover business as Zohan rustled up $1m from 587 screens to rank fifth after five weekends on $15.7m.

Pineapple Express added $2.5m from 475 from three for $6.1m, powered by a $2.5m number one UK launch on 410 screens. Step Brothers added $1.8m from 670 in ten for $11.6m and opened in 16th place in Germany on $275,000 from 100 and opened fourth in Venezuela on $75,000 from 20. The film added $1.1m from 344 in its third weekend in the UK to rank sixth on $10.2m.

The Dark Knight grossed a further $6.7m from approximately 4,250 screens in 58 markets for Warner Bros Pictures International to raise the international running total to $448.9m. Weekend business was driven by a $1.9m number one hold from 940 screens in the fourth weekend in Germany that boosted the tally to $26m. The Dark Knight added $1.1m from 708 screens in the fifth weekend in France for $25.4m.

The crime epic hovers around the $966m worldwide mark and has amassed $93.6m after eight weekends in the UK, $42.4m after nine in Australia, $25.3m after nine in Mexico, $23m after six in South Korea, $20.4m after nine in Brazil, $16.2m after five in Spain, $15.4m after eight in Italy, $14m after six in Japan and $8.5m after five in Russia.

Get Smart added $2.1m from 1,350 screens in 39 markets and has reached $93.6m. The highlight was a $1.1m debut in France on 447 nationwide screens for an unconfirmed ranking.

Guy Ritchie's latest gangster outing RocknRolla added $1.7m from 281 screens in its second weekend in the UK for $6m. Star Wars: The Clone Wars grossed $929,000 from 2,500 screens in 33 for $27.6m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) scored a string of successes with smaller releases this weekend. Miramax's Holocaust tale The Boy In The Striped Pajamas launched in eighth place in the UK courtesy of an excellent $900,000 gross from 168 screens that secured the biggest per-screen average of the top 15.

The tale of a second world war tale of a friendship between the son of a concentration camp commandant and a young Jewish prisoner will open in Spain on September 26 and the US on November 7. The Harry Potter series' David Heyman produced.

Disney's local language production Un Navio Para Mi Mujer held on to the number one spot in Argentina for the fifth consecutive weekend as the comedy added $525,000 from 70 screens following a 17% drop for a $4.2m running total.

The second biggest release of the weekend in Argentina was the Disney Toon Studios title Tinkerbell on $250,000 from 50 screens, a result that was roughly three times bigger than the previous Disney Toon Studios release The Jungle Book 2.

WDSMPI initially planned to release this in select territories including Mexico, Japan and Russia but executives may broaden the strategy on the strength of this launch. Tinkerbell will go straight to DVD in North America.

Returning to the bigger titles, Wall-E added $4.3m from 3,085 screens in 39 territories to raise its tally to $190.6m. The animated adventure added $700,000 in its seventh weekend in France for $25m and stayed top in its second weekend in Sweden on $580,000 for $1.6m. Wall-E opens in Australia, New Zealand and Greece next weekend.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian keeps on going and grossed $1.1m from 1,367 in 20 for $277.2m. It is Disney's 11th biggest overseas release.

Paramount Pictures International (PPI) celebrated its second summer release to cross $400m as Kung Fu Panda brought in a further $4.1m from 2,493 sites in 64 territories for $404.1m. A $2.7m haul from 478 sites in Italy provided the biggest push and raised the tally there to $20.6m.

DreamWorks-Paramount's comedy Tropic Thunder added $1.5m from 824 sites in 17 for $20.2m. The highlight was a $594,000 second place hold in Australia in 219 locations that boosted the total to $7.5m. The film held well in Argentina on $250,000 for $700,000.

Fox International's Babylon AD added $1.8m from approximately 900 screens in 15 markets for a Fox tally of $7.2m. Mirrors added $1.7m from roughly 470 in 14 for a Fox tally of $8.2m while Taken grossed $1.1m from roughly 570 in seven for $18.4m through Fox alone.

Steven Soderbergh's The Argentine continued its fine early run in Spain as it added $1.8m from 340 in its second weekend after a 33% fall for $6.1m and second place. Arrancame La Vida opened in Mexico on $1.7m from 520 while Blindness grossed $719,000 from 95 in its opening weekend in Brazil.