Universal's Mamma Mia! extended its reign as dancing queen of the international box office this weekend, opening top in Italy and grossing an estimated $14.1m from 4,406 dates in 47 territories overall.

Among newer international entrants, Eagle Eye, the DreamWorks-Paramount thriller, opened in 18 markets and grossed an estimated $8.3m from 31 territories and Disney's family comedy Beverly Hills Chihuahua debuted day-and-date with the US in five markets with an estimated $4.8m.

After five weekends as international leader Abba-inspired musical Mamma Mia! has now amassed $377.2m outside North America, pushing its global take past the half-billion-dollar mark to an impressive $519.9m. And the film still has eight markets, including Japan, to go.

Universal Pictures International (UPI) said it was especially pleased with the chart-topping $2.8m from 302 dates in Italy because that country's moviegoers are not usually fans of musicals.

In its thirteenth weekend in the UK, Mamma saw its gross jump 25% to $1.4m from 386 dates, for a running total in the territory of $123.3m.

In Germany, the take was up 11% in the twelfth week to $630,000 from 421 dates, for a territory total of $37.2m. And in Korea the take was down only 25% in the fifth weekend to $1.6m from 269 dates, for a total of $20.9m.

Mamma's closest challenger turned out to be Disney-Pixar's robust Wall-E, from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI).
The computer animated family film dropped an average of only 5% in its 35 holdover territories, grossing an estimated $10.9m from 3,583 screens for an international total to date (with Italy and Japan still to go) of $230.3m.

In Germany the gross increased 10%, keeping the film at number one for a second weekend with $5.4m from 780 screens (for a $12.5m total for the territory so far).

Distributed by Paramount Pictures International (PPI), Eagle Eye added $8.3m (from 2,038 locations) to bring its international total to $15.2m after two weekends.

Opening in Russia, the film grossed $2.1m from 438 locations, 147% ahead of Shooter and 497% more than Inside Man, said PPI.

And making its debut in Taiwan, it grossed $634,000 from 54 locations. Excluding a take from previews of $135,000, that was 174% more than Shooter and 1% ahead of Inside Man, PPI noted.

Among its holdover territories, the film was down only 23% in Australia with a gross of $1.1m from 207 locations, for a territory total of $3.4m.
PPI's Tropic Thunder grossed an estimated $5.2m from 1,824 locations across 36 territories, for an international total to date of $49.2m.

The largest contribution came from the UK, where the comedy grossed $1.8m (down 29%) from 425 locations, for a territory total of $12.3m.
The film also held up well in Germany, sliding only 1% to gross $860,000, for a $3.9m total.

WDSMPI's Beverly Hills Chihuahua - which opened at the top of this weekend's North American box office chart - started its international run with $4.8m from 810 locations across five territories.

The live action talking-dog comedy opened at number one in Australia with $2.7m from 250 screens, putting it on a par in that market with Disney's 102 Dalmatians.

In Mexico, the film's strong Latino voice cast and Mexican locations helped produce a chart-topping gross of $1.8m from 450 screens, 20% bigger than the opening of Alvin and the Chipmunks, 25% up on Cats and Dogs and 50% up on 102 Dalmatians, reported WDSMPI.

Opening in ten new markets, Fox International's horror outing Mirrors earned an estimated $4.6m from 1,500 screens in 27 territories, for an international total to date of $18.8m.

Among the new markets, Spain produced a gross of $1.8m from 300 screens (good enough for second or third place on the local chart), Mexico $1.15m from 443 and Italy $369,005 from 192.

Taken, to which Fox International has limited rights, grossed $4m from around 1,000 screens in 18 markets, for an international total of $30.4m. It opened with $448,826 from 120 screens in Brazil and was down less than 1% in the UK with $2.2m from 398 screens.

UPI's Death Race grossed an estimated $3.5m from 1,116 dates in 20 territories for an early international total of $17.2m.

The action thriller opened fourth in Spain with $1.2m from 250 dates. In its second week in the UK it dropped 36% to gross $800,000 from 350 dates, for a ten day total of $2.8m.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which is being distributed by WDSMPI for Disney's Miramax label, had another strong weekend, dropping only 22% to gross an estimated $3.1m from 435 locations in two markets.

The Holocaust drama stayed top in Spain with $2.4m from 260 locations, for a territory total of $6.5m. And it was slightly up in its fourth weekend in the UK, taking $730,000 from around 180 screens for a total of $5m.

UPI's The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor grossed an estimated $2.7m from 2,438 dates in 42 territories, raising its international total to $286.7m with only one smaller market still to go.

The adventure sequel was number two in its second weekend in Italy, dropping 48% to $1.7m from 336 dates, for a ten-day total of $5.7m. In Australia it was down 33% with $490,000 from 248 dates, for a 25-day total of $7.2m.

Fox International's Babylon AD opened in 10 new markets and took $2.5m from 900 screens in 24 territories, for a Fox International total so far of $13.4m.

The sci-fi thriller debuted with $979,260 from 162 screens in Korea and with $647,206 from 145 in Australia.

UPI's Wanted took an estimated $2.5m from 1,455 dates in 26 territories, for an international total of $187.9m with only one more territory - China - to go.

The action romp stayed top in Japan for a third weekend, dropping 38% to $1.3m from 322 dates, for a 16-day total of $18.3m. In Germany it was off only 12%, with $524,000 from 317 dates, for a 32-day total of $8.8m.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan, from Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI), took an estimated $2.4m from 1,325 screens in 37 markets, for an international total of $96.9m

The Adam Sandler comedy opened in Italy with $1.3m from 220 screens, for third place in the market.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, handled in English-speaking markets by PPI, opened top in the UK (offsetting its disappointing US start) with a gross of $2.1 mil from 449 locations.

Warner Bros Pictures International reported weekend grosses of $1.9m from 778 screens in 8 markets for Nights In Rodanthe (for an international total of $3.9m), $1.3m from 1,450 screens in 45 markets for The Dark Knight (total $461.7m), and $1.2m from approximately 1,300 screens in 38 markets for Star Wars: The Clone Wars (total $31.2m).

SPRI said Step Brothers grossed $1.5m from 535 screens in 20 markets (for an international total of $21.4m), The House Bunny took $1.4m from 445 screens in seven markets (total $2.7m), Lakeview Terrace reaped $1.1m from its 189-screen international debut in France, and Hancock earned $1.1m from 760 screens in 20 markets (for a $394.4m international total).

Iron Man grossed $1.2m from 404 screens over its second weekend in Japan (for a $16.9m local total), the only market SPRI has on the film.

UPI estimated the weekend gross for Hellboy II: The Golden Army at $1.1m from 1,198 dates in 31 territories, for a total of $64.4m. And the distributor said Wild Child grossed an estimated $950,000 from 448 dates in 11 territories, for a total of $14.6m.

Kung Fu Panda grossed an estimated $1m from 1,214 locations across 64 territories (total - $412.5m), said PPI, which also reported an $880,000 opening from 181 locations in Australia for The Duchess.

Fox International said local release Arrancame la Vida earned $821,000 from 405 screens in Mexico (for a total in the market of $7.7m) and Blindness took $408,000 from 95 screens in Brazil (for a market total of $2.8m).

Meet Dave earned $449,000 from 350 screens in seven markets for a Fox International total of $35.5m.