Fox International'skidnapping drama Man On Fire getsa major push this weekend with openings in the UK, Spain and Brazil that shouldboost its $19.4m overall international running total.

The picture goes out on Oct8 in all three markets, opening on 310 prints in the UK, 300 in Spain and 127in Brazil. Decent debuts seem likely given Denzel Washington's recognition inthe UK

The distributor releases theaction picture Walking Tall,which has amassed $7.7m to date, in Mexico on Oct 8 on 155 prints.

I, Robot has no major debuts lined up, however executiveswill be looking to the final major market opening in Italy on Oct 22 on anestimated 450 prints to nudge up the $179.2m international gross.

Latest figures from FoxInternational executives put comedies Garfield and Dodgeball on $108m and $39.2m respectively. The Girl Next Door has grossed $12.6m from al its markets to date and AlienVs Predator is on $22.6m.

The comedy White Chicks was due to open through Columbia TriStar FilmDistributors International (CTFDI) in Germany on Oct 7 on a hefty 503 printsand Russia a day later on 142. It has grossed $6.8m to date.

Action horror sequel ResidentEvil: Apocalypse opens in the UK andBrazil on Oct 8 on 226 and 151 respectively.

A decent UK debut isexpected bearing in mind the original opened in third place on $1.3m in 264theatres in July 2002, behind the outstanding $8m number one holiday opening ofScooby-Doo and a strong secondweekend for the sci-fi hit Minority Report. Figures for Brazil were unavailable.

CTFDI executives werelooking to boost the $15.4m running total of action sequel Anacondas with an Oct 7 debut in Australia on 152 prints,while the comic book adaptation Hellboy opens in Italy on Oct 8 on 100 prints. Hellboy has grossed $33.1m from al its markets so far.

Focus Features' romance EternalSunshine Of The Spotless Mind, whichhas grossed $21.5m to date, was set for a major French debut on Oct 6 on 175prints through UIP.

Shaun of The Dead, Focus Features' first US release through its genrelabel Rogue Pictures, was due to go out in Australia on Oct 7 on 150; it hasamassed $12.6m so far.

Latest figures put thethriller sequel The Bourne Supremacy on a $73.1m international running total.

UIP was also set to releaseDreamWorks' comedy-drama The Terminal in Germany on Oct 7, while Shark Tale opens in Spain, Mexico and Brazil on Oct 8 andTaiwan a day later. All DreamWorks pictures opened on an undisclosed number ofscreens.

The Paramount (forinternational) thriller Collateral,which has grossed more than $36.9m and was last weekend's top internationalrelease, has no major debuts planned.

There are also no majoropenings scheduled for Warner Bros pictures this weekend, however latestfigures put Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban on $537.3m, Troy on $363m and Catwoman on $33.9m.

Release information forBuena Vista International was unavailable at time of writing.