Joe Drake's Mandate Pictureshas struck a raft of major territory sales on Gold Circle Films' horror titles Slither and Whisper.

Whisper has been sold toConcorde Films for Germany, Metropolitan Films for France, Vertigo Films forSpain, Pyramid for CIS and Paradiso for Benelux.

UniversalPictures will release in the US and Gold Circle previously closed deals withEntertainment for the UK and TVA for Canada.

Slitherhas soldto Universal Pictures for France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Latin America,Spain and South Africa, as well as to Central Partnership for CIS, Nordisk forScandinavia, and Dutch Filmworks for Benelux.

Slither will also bedistributed in the US through Universal Pictures, and Gold Circle and Strikepreviously closed distribution deals with Entertainment for the UK, Toho Towafor Japan and TVA for Canada.

Directed byStewart Hendler and starring Josh Holloway from the hit US television series Lost,Whisper tells the story of four kidnappers whose young captive unexpectedlypossesses dark powers. Gold Circle chief Paul Books, Damon Lee and WalterHamada produced.