Southern California UStheatre chain Mann Theatres will today announce today [March 14] that it haschosen Los Angeles-based Real D as its exclusive delivery system for digital 3Dentertainment throughout the theatre chain.

Mann Theatres' Grauman'sChinese Complex, locaed in Hollywood, will host the Real D flagship theatre andwill open to the public in May, marking the first time the 78-year-old theatrecomplex has been equipped to show 3D movies.

"Real D's solution isvisually stunning, cost-effective and easy to deploy," Mann Theatres chiefexecutive officer Peter Dobson said in a statement.

"With Real D, MannTheatres will be well-poised to address consumers' demand for moresophisticated theatrical experiences from their local multiplex and help in thefight against piracy because of the extreme difficulty of pirates replicating3D movies."

"3D technology hasrapidly advanced in recent years, enabling Real D to pioneer an affordable,premium solution for digital 3D exhibition for the motion picture industry thatharnesses the mission-critical technology trusted by Fortune 500companies," Real D chairman Michael V Lewis added.

"Once audiences see howmuch the technology has advanced, they will come to expect 3D to enhance theirmovie-going experiences."

Real D will upgrade MannTheatres with its patented technology, based on the upcoming standard that isbeing thrashed out by the studio-led Digital Cinema Initiative.

The company provides all thenecessary equipment for delivery of 3D and 2D content. The system employsstereoscopic technology used by the military, in science and medicine. A singledigital projector and lightweight "sunglasses" are all that is required.

The system will also enabledigital 3D projection of pre-show content, including advertising that can beadjusted to suit local markets, sports results, trailers, and sporting events.

Mann Theatres, which has 22sites in southern California, says it will announce plans for the rollout ofadditional Real D theaters later this year.