Film-maker and social activist Marc Erlbaum has announced the launch of Jewish production company Nationlight Productions with the mission of producing positive content for mainstream audiences.

Nationlight is supported by a team of experienced Jewish entertainment professionals and the company's advisory board includes Michael Helfant, who served as executive producer on Iron Man, and Away From Her executive producer Doug Mankoff, who also served as executive producer on Sandra Nettlebeck's drama Helen that screens in the Spectrum section at Sundance.

'Many recent films and bestsellers have presented life lessons and personal guidance in the form of new age insight or pop psychology,' Erlbaum said. 'They often represent reworkings of ancient mystic truths that stem from scriptures and esoteric Jewish texts.

'Nationlight will mingle Jewish wisdom with cutting-edge entertainment in order to highlight human potential, probe the difficult but essential questions of our existence, and inspire viewers to better themselves and their surroundings.'

The company has a development budget and is seeking additional projects. The initial slate includes The Good News, about a man who sets out to launch a news programme broadcasting positive stories.