TheBerlinale's Panorama section has announced personnel changes as part of the restructuringof the past few months that has seen the Panorama Short Film programme mergedwith that of the Official Competition.

In apersonal communique, Panorama's director Wieland Speck revealed that Margaretvon Schiller, who had become his successor as Panorama shorts programmer in1992, had now moved 'on to new frontiers' and is 'currently backto filmmaking and producing.'

Internally,Panorama had take a new direction since von Schillerhad also served as the section's programme coordinator. This responsibility hasnow been taken over by the new programme manager Paz Lazaro, who has worked invarious fields of film production as well at the Berlinale.

In atribute to von Schiller's contribution, Speck said that 'with herorganisational and artistic skills, Margaret helped immensely to develop thePanorama on from where the founder Manfred Salzgeber had left it in the earlynineties to what it is today. We will remain friends we have been all theseyears and our paths are certain to cross professionally in the future.'