Former Capitol Films and THINKFilm head of sales Mark Austin will introduce buyers here to the inaugural slate from his new Breakaway Media.

Backed by private equity, US-based Breakaway’s maiden roster includes Matt Bissonnette’s Canadian comedy Passenger Side starring Adam Scott and Joel Bissonnette.

Mike McCarthy’s action title Cigarette Girl (pictured) is set in a near-future where smoking is ghettoised and a cigarette seller is gripped by homicidal withdrawal symptoms after she quits smoking. Cori Dials stars.

Both titles are screening at the EFM. Austin is selling worldwide rights on Cigarette Girl and international on Passenger Side.

Austin will also be talking up Tony Elwood’s horror film Cold Storage, Kate Perrotti’s music documentary Momz Hot Rocks, and Matt Bissonnette’s romantic comedy Who Loves The Sun with Lukas Haas.

“Moving forward, by working with key agencies and producers, I will be able to package films in the budget range of $2-10m and to provide a steady stream of quality projects to the international marketplace,” Austin said.

Austin’s prior appointments include director of distribution at Intermedia Film, and executive appointments at MGM and Paramount.