Ambergate Associates, the outfit spearheaded by veteran marketing consultant Eddie Kalish, is expanding its activities to include film and television development and production, music management and live event presentation.

In co-production with writer-producer Elliot Geisinger's (Amityville Horror, The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia, Child's Play) Gem Films, Ambergate is prepping three Geisinger-penned theatrical features:

This trio of projects comprise: The Devil's Bed, a psychological drama with supernatural overtones; Carrie's Chance, a murder mystery set in the Deep South; and The Legend of Razzamatazz, the story of a young girl who escapes the famine in Eastern Europe in the late 1800's with a gypsy circus and her pet elephant to seek a new life in the untamed American West.

Headlining the television slate is an episodic series entitled Bklyn, concerning a champion rodeo cowboy from Brooklyn whose life is divided between the mean streets of the New York borough and the rough and tumble of the pro rodeo circuit in the 1960's and 1970's.

Based on the life of Roland "Butch" Tirelli, whose relationships with a host of "colorful" characters from both the urban and country worlds form the basis of the narrative, Bklyn is being created jointly by Tirelli and Kalish.

Ambergate is also teaming up with Tirelli In the live attractions arena. Under the banner Wild West America, the outfit is developing and packaging an authentic touring Wild West Show, harking back to the days of the original Buffalo Bill extravaganzas.

Wild West America, written by Tirelli and conceived and produced by Tirelli and Kalish, is aimed at major indoor arenas throughout the US, although the show also hopes to tour an international version.

In the music field, Ambergate is managing the US activities of Mona Davis Music, a provider of original scores and music supervision for film, television and commercials. Headed by composer/producer Tom Batoy, Paramount-based Mona Davis is in its third year of American activity, having originated in 1991 in Munich where it continues to supply music services to the European film, TV and commercial industries.

Batoy is currently creating and producing the music for the Dolphin Films/Promark TV series Ocean Drive and recently completed the scores for features Ghost Dog, Federal Protection and The Gift for Promark and "Centipede" for Shoreline.

Kalish, a former head of marketing at Paramount, United Artists, MGM/UA and Producers Sales Organization, opened Ambergate as a broad-based entertainment consultancy following 12 years at the helm of KDM, the international marketing services agency he continues to operate.