MGM Pictures has promoted BruceMarkoe to executive vice president of feature post production, where he willoversee all aspects of budgeting and post production and source economical newfilm-making technologies.

Markoe will report directlyto Andy Davis, the studio's executive vice president of physical production.

"Bruce has become a vitalpart of MGM since he joined the company and has been a great supporter offilm-makers here," Davis said in a statement. "This promotion is extremely welldeserved."

"Bruce is one of the best, mostforward-thinking post-production executives I have worked with in close tothree decades both as a producer and as an executive," Michael Nathanson,president of MGM Pictures, added.

"Thanks to Bruce, MGM hasbeen years ahead of most entertainment companies in using digital technologiesto make the production and post-production process faster, more powerful andmore efficient."

Markoe joined MGM in 1992,working as post production supervisor on Son Of The Pink Panther. A year later he was named vice president of featurepost production and promoted in 2000 to senior vice president.

Among his accomplishmentswere the implementation in 1999 of high-definition dailies for post-productionwork and previews.

Prior to joining MGM, Markoeorganised, designed and was general manager of Skywalker Sound South.