Martin Kemp, Colin Salmon, Billy Murray and Adele Silva have joined the cast of British comedy How To Stop Being A Loser.

Simon Phillips and Craig Conway lead the cast in the story of a hapless single man who meets a romance guru.

 Kemp’s production company Black & Blue Films is behind the project. He will play a legendary playboy named Zeus.

Producer Jonathan Sothcott said: “It is a thrill to have four key members of the Black and Blue rep company in. Martin’s brilliant, Cary Grantish cameo is so much fun. Salmon and Murray are an unlikely nut utterly genius comedy double act and Adele is a first rate screen actress I’m just thrilled to have on the film, she’s so much fun and people will see a different side to her.”

Black & Blue previously made films including Stalker, Just For The Record, Dead Cert, Devil’s Playground and 7Lives.