The Match Factory (TMF) will handle international sales for Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic's Cirkus Columbia (working title) which will be his first feature to be shot in his Bosnian homeland.

The adaptation of the debut novel of the same name by Croatian journalist Ivica Djikic is being prepared by Tanovic and Cedomir Kolar's joint company ASAP Productions.

They are workingwith their 'usual' production partners from Belgium, Slovenia, Italy and the UK and a co-producer from Germany to start shooting this June.

Speaking about the novel at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2006, Tanovic said that it reminded him of Novecento (1900) by Bernardo Bertolucci 'which is about the beginning of the (last) century whereas this book is talking about the end of the century in the Balkans. It almost seems that the book was written to be filmed because it is so visual.'