The Matrix Reloaded grossed $56m in 62 countries over the weekend, according to estimates released by Warner Bros.

The sci-fi sequel's total now stands at $250m in its third week in international markets.

Figures for the opening in Indonesia will become available on Monday.

However, the film is expected to finish the weekend with the biggest bow ever, including previews, of around $415,000 (local currency 4.2bn) from 70 screens.

Despite the European heatwave audiences still turned out for a series of strong second week performances.

In the UK it enjoyed 57% market share and scored the biggest second weekend of all time, adding $6.3m (£3.8m) from 919 sites for a cume of $35.9m (£22m).

Germany produced $6.1m (Euros 3.1m) with 720,000 admissions from 1,125 prints and a mighty 70% market share.

The German running total is $24.6m (Euros 21.1m).

In Spain The Matrix Reloaded took $3.6m (Euros 3.1m) from 524 prints, ranking number one for the second consecutive week and raising the cumulative total to a superb $12.6m (Euros 11m).

Italy saw a number one hold on $3.5m (Euros 3m) form 710 prints. The total there is $13m (Euros 11.2m).

In Korea it took $3.3m (local currency 4.2bn) from 230 prints nationwide and remained number one in Seoul on $1.2m (local currency 1.5bn).

The estimated nationwide total for Korea is now $11.9m (local currency 14.8bn).

In Mexico it added $2.2m (Pesetas 22.3m) from 520 prints for an $8.9m (Pesetas 91.7m) running total.

Scores were high in Russia, too, where the film dropped only 27% from last week's opening, adding $1.9m (Roubles 59.3m) for a $6.5m (Roubles 209.3m) total.

The Matrix Reloaded held on to number one in Brazil, adding $1.9m (local currency 5.5m) from 390 prints for a $6m (local currency 17.2m) total.

In its third week in Australia the film held on to top spot on $2.2m (A$3.3m) from 482 prints for a $16.5m (A$25.4m) total.

France grossed an additional $5.8m (Euros 5m) at number one for a terrific $30.1m (Euros 26m) running total.