The Matrix Reloaded became the first film to pass $100m in its second international weekend as it grossed a sensational $113.2m.After opening in 13 countries last weekend, the sci-fi sequel unloaded in a further 49 and raised its cumulative international total to $154m.The closest any film has previously come to passing $100m in such short time was New Line's The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, which grossed $99.4m last year.Warner Bros International's The Matrix Reloaded is currently playing on 8,924 prints in 62 countries.In key highlights, the film grossed a staggering $19.8m (pounds 12.1m) from 919 prints in the UK, scoring the fourth biggest opening of all time and the biggest ever bow for a 15-rated film.Germany yielded $14.1m (Euros 12.1m) from 1,124 prints for the sixth biggest bow ever and the biggest 16-rated opening of all time.In Spain it took $7m (Euros 6m) from 528 prints in the second biggest opening ever behind The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, which had a five-day gross.Italy produced $6.7m (Euros 5.8m) from 723 prints for the biggest opening day of all time, the sixth biggest bow ever and the biggest May opening of all time.It was the biggest opening weekend of all time in Korea ($6m or 7.5bn in local currency from 230 prints) and Russia ($3.3m or roubles 102.5m from 157 prints).Other all-time biggest opening weekends came from Israel, South Africa, Portugal, the German-speaking parts of Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia and the Ukraine.Mexico produced $4.9m (pesetas 50.8m) from 530 prints for the second biggest bow ever.