Opening in 13 territoriesover the weekend The Matrix Reloaded dominated the charts with animpressive $31.9m international bow.

In a string of number oneopenings, the sci-fi sequel took $12m in France (Euros 10.3m) from 894 screensin what was the sixth biggest US opening weekend ever.

Figures represent three-daygrosses and not the usual five as all international releases cut their lead-intimes in deference to Thursday's international premiere at Cannes.

In Australia The MatrixReloaded grossed $7.3m (A$11.2m), the third biggest opening ever behind TheLord Of The Rings: The Two Towers and Star Wars: Episode II - Attack OfThe Clones.

In Holland the film grossed$1.8m (Euros 1.6m) from 140 screens for the third biggest opening weekend ever,surpassing the opening for The Matrix by 176%.

The SARS epidemic in Taiwancould not stem the flow of records, either. The film grossed $1.8m (localcurrency 63.4m) with the studio claiming the biggest industry Saturday of alltime ($617,254 or local currency 21.5m).

In Turkey it grossed $1.7mand an excellent $12,375 per-print average on 264 screens. It was the biggestever opening weekend with more than 460,000 admissions and outperformed theoriginal by 183.8%.

Belgium's three-day openingwas $1.3m (Euros 1.1m) from 99 screens, making it the fifth biggest openingweekend on record.

The Matrix Reloaded opens in a further 48 territories next week.