Matt Williams, who produced What Women Want and created the hit TV show Roseanne, has launched the feature developmentcompany Wind Dancer Films.

Backed by private equity investors through a deal brokered byMerrill Lynch, Wind Dancer Films will develop 12 to 15 features in the $15m to$30m range over the next three years.

The non-exclusive arrangement allows the company to developprojects independently and work with other financiers.

Wind Dancer executive vice president Dete Meserve will manage thefund from Los Angeles and will secure financing to put projects intoproduction.

Susann Brinkley has joined the company as director ofdevelopment and will supervise all projects with Williams and work directlywith the writers.

Brinkley most recently served as supervising producer at GuardianEntertainment, and began her career producing one-act plays, eventuallyproducing the original off-Broadway stage production of Hedwig And The AngryInch.

"Thisdevelopment fund is very exciting because it gives me the opportunity to returnto my roots and work with fresh, new comedic voices," Williams, whosefilmmaking credits include Where The Heart Is and Walker Payne, said.