Korea's Prime Entertainment has announced that Song Hae-sung's Maundy Thursday will be released by AmuseEntertainment in Japan in April 2007.

Amuse was an investor in the$4.2m film which revolves around the relationship between a man on death rowfor committing three murders and a woman who has attempted three times to killherself. The cast is headed by Kang Dong-won (Duellist) and Lee Na-young (Please,Teach Me English), who stars in a TV drama currently airing in Japan.

Recent Korean hits in Japanhave included Jung Woo-sung starrer AMoment to Remember and Bae Yong-joon starrer April Snow, which both grossed more than $20m at the box officelate last year. But a recent string of Korean Wave star-driven films hasdisappointed at the Japanese box office, leading buyers and sellers tospeculate that the Korean Wave has all but petered out.

Nevertheless, according tothe release from Prime, Amuse Entertainment stated: "The Korean Wave is stillhighly influential, and a film's success does not hinge on Korean Wave stars.The film itself is the most important thing."

Maundy Thursday is to be released in Korea on September 14.