Maya Entertainment has had a busy Cannes Market with Paul Schrader’s The Jesuit, selling the film in 14 territories.

The deals are with France (Monciau Digital), India (WEG), Greece (Hollywood Classics), Portugal (Films for You), Germany (Koch Media), Switzerland (Praesens), Poland (Vision), Romania (Programs4Media), the former Yugoslavia (Karantinija Films), Canada (VVS), Indonesia (P.T. Parkit), Middle East (Gulf Films), Latin America (Videx), and Australia (Independent).

The cast includes Michelle Rodriguez, Willem Dafoe, Paz Vega and Manolo Cardona.

Schrader also wrote the story, about a man who gets out of prison in South Texas, hoping to turn over a new leaf before his wife is murdered and his son kidnapped.

Producers are John Morrissey, Santiago Garcia Galvan and Alex Garcia.

“We’re very happy with the reception the film received in Cannes. It has exceeded our expectations,” said Elias Axume, Executive Vice President of International Distribution for Maya. “The film has so much going for it - a powerful screenplay, the critically lauded filmmaker Paul Schrader and a talented, internationally popular cast.”