John McTiernanhas been confirmed to direct the thriller Deadly Exchange,about a terrorist who infiltrates the US to hunt down the FBI agent that killedhis family.

Ellen Wander'sUS-based Film Bridge International is selling rights here to the jointproduction with Anthony J Ridio Productions, and is overseeing financing.

Production is setto being in Louisiana this summer based on a screenplay by Ron Shusett and IanRabin.

McTiernan'scredits include Die Hard, Predator and TheThomas Crown Affair.

Production isalso ramping up on the Second World War drama Beast Of Bataan, aGrand Illusions project that Fred Schepisi is in talks to direct.

Based on the bookA Trial Of Generals, the story chronicles the hearing into aJapanese general accused of atrocities during the war. Koji Yakusho stars.

Filming isscheduled to begin in October and Film Bridge is arranging financing andselling rights here. This is not the same as the similar project that Paul Verhoevenis set to direct.