LA-based sales outfit Media Vision has picked up four "edgy mainstream comedies" which are being produced by Australia's Lance Peters and US producer Marina Martins under the joint production banner Cop-Outs Production.

Peters has written all four projects which will shoot in Australia. LA-based Australian expat Marina Rose will co-produce. Media Vision's John Rodsett will executive produce.

First out of the blocks will be the fantasy horror comedy The Widower, to be directed in Sydney early next year by prolific US-based Australian director Philippe Mora. Next up is likely to be Doin' The Splits, about two divorce lawyers whose own divorce from each other compromises their clients and confuses the Family Court. It is to be directed by UK film and TV comedy director Bob Spiers.

The remaining two projects are The Virgin, "a safe sexy celibate romantic comedy", and Copburgers, a buddy cop comedy about random killing by poisoned hamburgers.

Peters said each film will have star cast attached and named Australian stand-up comedians Austen Tayshus, Flacco, the Sandman, Sue Ingleton, Eliot Goblet, Judith Lucey, Brian Wiseman and Barry Crocker as likely to be involved.

Peter credits include Gross Misconduct, starring Jimmy Smits and based on his own stage play and seven novels. Martins' last film was her directing debut Malaika, which screened on Home Box Office.