Producer Scott Meek, whorelocated from the UK to Australia in 2004 to join ABC TV, is to replace Bridget Ikinat Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC).

Ikin and Tait Brady were thefirst people employed to choose which films seeking FFC finance through theevaluation door should get the go-ahead. Both of them were employed for twoyears but Tait Brady is staying on.

FFC chief executive BrianRosen also has a substantial role in selecting film projects. The introductionof the evaluation door was a substantial shift in FFC policy, but it is stillpossible to trigger financing providing various criteria are met.

Meek has his name in thecredits of a diverse range of films developed and financed at ZenithProductions in the UK, including Prick UpYour Ears, Sid And Nancy, Simple Men and Velvet Goldmine.

"I am genuinely delighted tobe given this opportunity to work with the Australian film community," saidMeek. "While there is no denying that making independent features is alwaysdifficult, there are also very few activities more exciting or rewarding."

Meek was head of drama atthe ABC but the two parted company several weeks ago for reasons that have notbeen spelled out.