DreamWorks International'sMeet The Fockers grossed an estimated $20.8m on 3,166 screens in 39territories through UIP at the weekend as it became UIP's first 2005 release topass $100m.

The comedy sequel currently stands at $111.5m following 10 fresh openings, thebiggest of which was a strong number one launch in Italy that produced $5.9mand approximately 46% market share for UIP's biggest ever debut in theterritory alongside Jurassic Park.

Fockers opened top in the Netherlands on $765,000 on 92m, and remainedtop in its third weekend in the UK on $5.6m from 456 sites for a mighty $38.3mrunning total.

Spain ranked top and was expected to report $3.6m from 396 sites for $9.6mafter two weekends, while Australia stands at $25.6m, Mexico is on $8.6m aftersix, and Brazil has produced $3.3m after two.

Warner Bros Pictures International launched the fantasy thriller Constantine at number one in a handful of Asian markets, grossing an estimated $11.9m including previews over the Chinese New Year period.

The picture recorded excellent results, taking $5.5m over five days in South Korea, and $3.4m over five in Taiwan, spurred on by Wednesday's (9) record single day gross of $685,100.

Constantine opened through Village Roadshow in Singapore on $1.6m, while Hong Kong yielded $1.5m for the 10th biggest industry debut ever and the distributor's fourth biggest. The opening day itself was Warner Bros' biggest ever and the sixth biggest for a foreign title. Malaysia opened on $560,000 for the distributor's third biggest debut ever.

Ocean's Twelve added $7.4m on 1,902 screens in 44 territories for a $215.1m international running total. In its second weekend the UK added $2.1m in 450 sites for second place and $13m, while Japan raised its total after four weekends to $26.5.m.

The Aviator added $2.9m in Warner Bros territories, fuelled by number one launches in Australia on $1.4m and Brazil on $681,900. The cumulative total from Warner Bros territories is $6m.

Latest running totals released by Warner Bros executives for the distributor's markets only put A Very Long Engagement on $50.7m, Alexander on $32.2m powered by a $213,700 number one debut in Argentina, and The Polar Express on $117.9m.

Paramount's SpongeBob SquarePants Movie grossed $4.9m on 1,957 screensin 18 territories through UIP for a $32.6m international cumulative total.

Opening highlights were third place in the UK on $2.4m from 440 sites for the secondbiggest Nickelodeon debut there excluding previews behind Rugrats The Movie's$2.3m in 1999, while France produced $1.3m on 365 for Nickelodeon's biggestdebut in the territory.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) The Incredibles passed $100m for the2005 portion of its muscular run as it added $2.1m for a $362.5m internationalrunning total. The picture stayed top in its second weekend in Hong Kong on$1.3m from three days and $2.1m from five for a $3.3m running total there.

National Treasure added $1.8m through BVI for $141.4m, powered by a$500,000 number one launch in Denmark. The distributor also handles Pooh'sHeffalump Movie, which grossed $2.2m from six markets. The highlight wasfirst place in Poland on $443,000 for the industry's third biggest opening ofall time.

Miramax International's Finding Neverland raised its total through BVIby $4.6m to $20.6m in BVI markets, powered by a strong second weekend in Italythat added $1.4m for a $4.4m running total, and a $1.3m second place launch inSpain. Neverland opened sixth in Mexico on $350,000 on 150 and opened inthe top five in Germany on $900,000.

Miramax International's The Aviator added $2.1m overall for $20.7m inBVI markets. It is approaching $8m in Germany after adding $1.2m in its fourthweekend, and stands at $13.2m after seven in the UK, where the weekend's bestpicture BAFTA win do the picture no harm.

Shall We Dance' - another Miramax International title - has a shot at$100m after raising its international cumulative total through BVI to $64m.Scheduled openings include the UK on Feb 18, Japan on Apr 29, and France on May4.

BVI has French rights to the nature documentary The Emperor's Journey,which played at Sundance last month. In its third weekend the picture added$1.5m to rank in the top three on a superb $7.5m.

Sideways grossed $2.9m through Fox International for an $8.9minternational running total. Highlights were an $841,000 launch in France on135 screens for an unconfirmed ranking, and a highly impressive $91,000 on 15in Belgium.

In its second weekends, the picture added $475,000 in Germany after expandingfrom 76 to 103 screens for $1.2m, and $114,000 on 76 in Brazil for $384,000. Sidewaysexpanded in the UK from 88 to 102 in its third weekend and grossed $630,000for $2.9m. Australia stands at $1.9m after three weekends.

Hide And Seek opened top in Mexico on $1.8m on 432, second in Australiaon $1.3m on 205, and opened on $269,000 on 37 in Sweden.

The Aviator opened fourth in Taiwan through Fox International on astrong $1m and has grossed $8.5m from Taiwan and Spain to date. Flight OfThe Phoenix opened fifth in Spain on $790,000 on 350.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Closer added $4.1m on 2,275 screens in 35 markets for $62.7m.

The drama opened in Sweden on $125,000 on 36, and raised its total in the UK to$14.2m after five weekends. It stands at $7.7m in Germany after the same amountof time, $5.6m in Spain and $2.9m in Brazil after four, and $3.7m in Australiaafter three.

Kung Fu Hustle added $800,000 for $64.7m, powered by a $695,000 debut inThailand on 110 screens. The 39.3million baht local currency total marks thebiggest ever launch over the Chinese New Year weekend.

Spanglish added $450,000 on 306 in Mexico for $1.6m after two weekends,while Are We There Yet' opened fourth in Germany in its firstinternational outing, grossing $900,000 on 200 screens.

Universal'sthriller sequelThe BourneSupremacyopened through UIP on $3.2m on 386 for an unconfirmed ranking in its final marketof Japan, raising the picture's international cumulative total to $104m.

Ray added $2m on 1,125 screens in 29 markets for a $17m running total.The picture has taken $3m in the UK after four weekends, $4.1m in Germany afterfive, and $2.2min Australia after three.

Felix, a German animated familytitle that UPI acquired for German-speaking territories, ranked top in Germanyand Austria in its second weekend on $1.6m on 522 for a $3.1m running total and$250,000 on 78 for $464,000 respectively. The overall total from Germany, Austria,German-speaking Switzerland and Luxembourg is $4.2m.

Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason stands at $188m through all UIPmarkets, rising to $204m including France, where it was released through Mars.Japan is the last scheduled UIP release on Mar 19.

Results from Warner Bros Pictures International and Summit Entertainment were unavailable at time of writing.

Summit Entertainment's Racing Stripes added $2.2m for $12.4m to date. The highlight was a climb to number one in its second weekend in Belgium that raised the total there to $697,000. The picture has taken $4.2m in the UK after the same amount of time.

Alexander's overall running total through its bulk of Summit Entertainment markets and Warner Bros stands at $125.4m.