Larry Meistrich, founder ofthe defunct New York production-distribution outfit Shooting Gallery, hasformed a new US distribution outfit called Film Movement chiefly aimed atfestival-winning independents that cannot meet rising marketing costs.

FilmMovement will offer film-makers a range of platforms on which to showcasetheatrical-quality, first-run films via a subscription service. Beginning inDecember with Achero Manas' El Bola,which won four Goya Awards in Spain, subscribers will receive an award-winning USindependent, foreign or documentary film on DVD or VHS exclusively each month.Members will also get access to films distributed by Film Movement through atheatrical film series, private event screenings and participating filmfestivals.

"The economics ofreleasing independent and foreign films have fundamentally changed," saidMeistrich in a statement. "As the distribution system has becomeincreasingly hit-driven and the cost of prints and advertising has skyrocketed,too many outstanding films never find the audience they deserve despitecritical acclaim and awards from top film festivals."

All of Film Movement'sprogramming and selections are supported by an advisory board that includes:Rich Raddon from the IFP/West Los Angeles Film Festival; Richard Pena from FilmSociety of Lincoln Center; Christian Gaines from AFI Los Angeles InternationalFilm Festival; and, Robert Hawk from ICI (Independent Consultation forIndependents).

Annual subscription willcost $19.95 per month or $189 per year, including shipping and handling. Filmswill be accompanied by production notes, award history and an original shortfilm, director's notes, background information, cast biographies, reviews and a listof awards to enrich the viewing experience.