Melissa Gilbert has been re-elected president of the US actors'union Screen Actors Guild (SAG) following a national poll that saw her romphome with 50% of the vote.

"It is an honour and a thrill to be re-elected," Gilbert said in astatement. "I said at the beginning of the campaign that I was not finished andclearly the members agree.

"There is so much ahead of us and so much right upon us, I ameager and excited to continue the work the members have elected me to do."

Commercials contract negotiations are currently high on SAG'sagenda and the organisation is also preparing to argue for better terms intheatrical and television.

Gilbert received 15,670 of the 31,640 ballots. Of the otherpresidential candidates, former SAG treasurer Kent McCord received 13,242 (42%)and Gordon Drake garnered 2,418 (8%).

James Cromwell was elected secretary-treasurer, the first time thetwo positions have been fused.

Eileen Henry wasre-elected president of the New York division, while Hollywood division boardsare still being evaluated and will be announced shortly.