Marking theone-year anniversary of the launch of MGM Channel for the Greater China andSoutheast Asia market, MGM announced yesterday (27) it has launched in Taiwanwith Malaysia to follow in "coming months".

The announcementmeans MGM Channel now operates in seven countries in the region, including HongKong, Singapore, Indonesia, Macau and Thailand.

The MGM Channelis produced and distributed in the region by MGM Networks through an alliancewith CNBC Asia Pacific.

The company hasteamed up in Taiwan with leading cable operator Taiwan Broadband Communicationsand is partnering with Malaysia's newest Pay-TV platform, MiTV.

"Distributorsacross Greater China and Southeast Asia have greeted The MGM Channel with alevel of enthusiasm far beyond our original expectations,' Bruce Tuchman,executive vice president of MGM Networks, said in a statement.

'The MGMChannel's first year of operations is a great story about reaching out to ourviewers and distributors,' Shawn Galey, CNBC Asia Pacific's vice presidentof business and legal affairs, added.

"With even moreexciting MGM movie titles coming to the channel, we look forward to buildingupon the strong foundation that we have formed in the past 12 months.