The Miami International Film Festival's Miami Encuentros sidebarwill run from Mar 9-11 within the timespan of the festival.

The nine-strong programme takes place over three days and offersproducers from Spain and Latin America the chance to present new projects to USindustry professionals.

The festival proper kicks off with Eliseo Subiela's Heartlift, a Miami Encuentros selection from theinaugural 2003 sidebar.

The 2006 Miami Encuentros projects are Gabriel Velazquez' Spanishfather-daughter drama Amateurs, Alvaro Brechner's Uruguayan fixed fight drama Bad Day to GoFishing (Mal Dia ParaIr A Pescar), LaisBodanzky's Brazilian ensemble drama Fraternal Love (Uniao Fraterna), and Tania Hermida's road movie fromEcuador, How Far Are You Going' (Que Tan Lejos).

Rounding out the line-up are Francisca Schweitzer's Chileanromance Niebla (Nieblas), Rene Simon Cruz Jr's US adventure TheSalted Earth, Diego FRamirez' Colombian drama Saudo, Carles Bosch' Spanish romance Septembers (Septiembres En El Mar De La China), and Daniel Rodriguez' Peruvian drama TheWatercolorist.

'As a programme, Miami Encuentros is a pot of manyingredients,' festival director Nicole Guillemet said. 'Professionaladvice, creative ambition, rare opportunity, and unique talent. When all theseingredients are blended together, the result is quite extraordinary.'

For more informationon the event visit the official website at The Miami International Film Festivalruns from Mar 3-12.