Nine films have been selected for the Miami International Film Festival's (MIFF) fifth Miami Encuentros series dedicated to emerging producers from Spain and Latin America.

The three-day event offers film-makers a chance to network with US and international industry professionals as they nurture their careers.

'Having a brilliant vision is only part of the cinematic equation,' festival director Nicole Guillemet said. 'Miami Encuentros engages emerging film-makers by helping them bring that vision into fruition and ultimately enriching the process as a whole.'

The nine Miami Encuentros projects for 2007 are:

Astronauts Diary (Diario De Un Astronauta) Dir Manuel Huerga (Spain)

Dog Eat Dog (Perro Come Perro) Dir Carlos Moreno (Colombia)

Dog Security (La Seguridad De Los Perros) Dir Jorge Gaggero (Argentina)

Giant (Gigante) Dir Adrian Biniez (Argentina)

King Of Cha Cha Cha (El Rey Del Cha Cha Cha) Dir Isabel Martinez (Costa Rica) and Vicente Ferraz (Brazil)

Lokas Dir Gonzalo Justiniano (Chile)

Mosquita And Mari (Mosquita Y Mari) Dir Aurora Guerrero (USA)

Negro Luz Y Fer Dir Luis Ortega (Argentina)

Square Man (O Homem Que Deu Certo) Dir Andre Ristum (Brazil)

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