Famous local resident turns up to celebrate the opening of Hackney Picturehouse.


Michael Fassbender’s ever-growing fan club got even bigger this morning when the in-demand star turned up at a media walk-through of the new Hackney Picturehouse cinema.

Surely, after all his extremely busy promotional duties with Shame and A Dangerous Method at the London Film Festival and beyond, the guy could have used a morning off. So that’s even more impressive that he turned up for a cinema tour (he lives locally).

And if guests could take their eyes off Fassbender, they could have also noticed four state-of-the-art screens, a cafe bar, office space and other social spaces including The Hackney Attic bar. If that’s not enough to love, the place even has its own beer, Hackney Picturehouse Pale Ale. Fassbender, films AND beer…it’s all too good to be true.

As Screen already reported, the cinema opens tomorrow.