Mike Plante has been promoted to director of programming at the CineVegas Film Festival, set to run from June 10-15 in Las Vegas.

Trevor Groth will continue to serve as artistic director in conjunction with his new role as director of programming at Sundance.

Anita Nelving continues as managing director of CineVegas after joining the festival in 2008 following a lengthy run as public relations director for Cirque du Soleil.

Plante entered the festival world as a projectionist and film programmer for the Arizona Film Festival in 1993 and after launching the magazine Cinemad in 1998 he joined Sundance in 2001 as a presentation manager.

He became a short film programmer at Sundance from 2002-2006, served as New Frontier consultant for the 2007 and 2008 festivals, and continues to be an associate programmer and consultant.

Plante started working for CineVegas in 2002 as a programmer and became associate director of programming two years ago. He also produces the Lunchfilm series, in which he buys a film-maker lunch in exchange for a short film to be made for the cost of the lunch.

“I don’t know anyone more passionate and knowledgeable about film than he is and especially about the type of renegade films that have stamped an indelible mark on anyone who has taken the wild cinematic ride that is CineVegas,” Groth said.