Milla Jovovich has joined the cast of William H Macy's directorial debut Keep Coming Back. Macy and Steve Buscemi will also star in the coming-of-age story.

ContentFilm has international rights and expects more cast to be announced soon.

Jovovich plays a recovering alcoholic ex-stripper who meets a sheltered 18-year-old boy with a sensitive heart who pretends to be hard living to get her attention. Will Aldis wrote the script.

The film will start shooting in early 2009 in Georgia, US.

Rachel Rothman, Tucker Tooley and Dan Keston are producing.

'I feel excited and confident as we begin this production,' Macy said. 'I have the amazing talent of Milla Jovovich in a role that she was born to play. I also have my old friend Steve Buscemi playing the role of Satan. Just the thought of that makes me laugh. This film is absolutely hilarious, but it is also profound. This is the kind of film I would love to see.'