Miramax's Starsky & Hutch grossed an estimated $7m through Buena Vista International(BVI) at the weekend to raise its international running total to $42m.

The picture opened fourth in Spain on $1.3m and scored a trio ofstrong bows in Scandinavia, where the highlight was top billing in Finland on$100,000 and a huge 10,600 admissions.

In its fourth week in Germany the picture is close to one millionadmissions and has amassed $6.6m.

The horror spoof Scary Movie 3 stayed top in Spain after last week'srecord bow for a Miramax title and has now grossed $8.7m in the market.

Latest figuresput Cold Mountain on$68m internationally, excluding Japan, which opens on Apr 24, and China, whichgoes out on Apr 30.